Advising on issues relating to commercial property leases

Our lease advisory and agency teams work closely together, providing impartial leasing advice to both landlords and occupiers of offices, industrial and retail property across Malaysia.

Clients benefit from our technical and legal expertise as well as our access to the latest market activity.

Why Knight Young Lease Advisory

Our network in Malaysia ensures we maintain thorough market knowledge, offering consistently high levels of service to local, regional, national and international clients. Our primary leasing objective is to negotiate the best leasing terms and tenancy agreements for our clients’ commercial property and portfolio.

Whether a landlord seeking to maximise investment returns or a tenant looking to restructure a leasehold agreement, we are able to identify opportunities, minimise risk and provide tangible solutions that benefit both parties.

Our landlord and tenant services

Knight Young offers a range of lease advisory services across Malaysia, including:

Negotiating rent reviews

Advice on securing the best possible result on your rent review needs to be tailored to the facts, having particular regard to the rent review provisions set out in the lease. That advice will need to address technical and legal issues as much as market evidence and conditions.

Where disputes occur on interpretation of rent review provisions, market evidence, or what is to be valued at rent review, rent review clauses typically provide for referral to an arbitrator or independent expert (referred to as the Third Party).

Negotiating lease expiries and renewals

The expiry of a lease offers landlords and tenants the opportunity to consider whether they wish to agree a new lease. Lease renewals are freely negotiated and we have wide market knowledge and the negotiating skills to obtain best outcomes.

Negotiating lease restructuring and break options (re-gears, surrenders and re-grants, covenant reappraisal and renegotiation)

It can suit landlords and tenants to restructure leases during the term, perhaps in advance of a break option or lease expiry, to mutual benefit.

There can be substantial improvement in investment value generated by lease restructuring and can remove onerous clauses or create flexibility.

It can also support business planning for occupiers and unlock opportunities to refurbish or address other building issues at the same time. We are highly experienced in this activity and welcome the opportunity to investigate such options.


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